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Are you tired of the constant busyness of life? Are you seeking stillness, calm and a

sense of deep connection to something more? Do you know life can be better but

you just don't know how to get there? 

Discover Stillness from Within

Service Offerings

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a complementary therapy based on the energetic techniques of many practices, both ancient and contemporary. In Healing Touch, trained practitioners use their hands (using either direct contact or hands placed above the body) to clear, align, and balance the energy field of another person. This realigns the client’s energy flow, which reactivates the client’s mind/body/spirit connection, and eliminates blockages to self-healing. 


Studies suggest that therapeutic touch may help you feel relaxed, reduce pain, lessen anxiety and depression. The goal of Healing Touch work is to support the body's natural healing abilities and promote overall well-being. 

Sessions are approximately 60 minutes in length and are $95 per session.

Spiritual Direction

In our culture, our lives often feel very rushed and busy.  We need help to slow down, to quiet the noise and to listen.  Spiritual Direction allows us to tune in to what's going on within and listen more deeply.  It helps us gain clarity about what may be challenging us, how we are growing, our connections with others, and our joys and desires. 


Spiritual Direction can be helpful at any time of life but especially during major life transitions, while navigating grief/loss, times where you are discerning what's next, times when you desire to explore your spiritual life, when you are longing for a deeper connection to the Divine, or simply wanting to share the story of your journey with someone


Sessions are approximately 1 hour and can be done in person or via Zoom. The current rate is $75 per session. Schedule a complimentary Discovery call to so you can meet Darcy and learn more about Spiritual Direction.

Embodiment Coaching

Embodiment Coaching is a process of listening to and following the wisdom of your body to identify the root cause of stress and create new patterns to better manage this stress in your life.


Would you like to get to the root cause of your pain and stress? Not sure what type of support you need to achieve your goals? If you want to change your relationship with stress and restore balance in your life please contact me to learn more about Embodiment Coaching Programs or schedule a complimentary Discovery call. The Discovery call gives us an opportunity to find out what type of services will best support you, how you are looking to invest in your health and together we can create a customized program to fit your needs.

Sessions are approximately 1 hour and can be done in person or via Zoom. Individual sessions are $115 per session, custom packages can be created depending on your specific goals.


Are you looking to retreat from your everyday life?  Maybe you are needing some time away to rest and renew. Might you be longing for a chance to reconnect to yourself and nourish your soul? Join me for a retreat.

I will be offering a variety of retreats, classes and workshops on Women's Wellness,  Holistic Healing, The Language of Pain, Soul Tending, and Navigating Grief.  If any of these interest you or you have another retreat idea you’d like to make happen please reach out. 


 If you'd like to be notified of upcoming retreat and workshop opportunities please contact me.

No upcoming events at the moment
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What you seek is seeking you. – Rumi

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