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Meet Darcy

For the past 26 years Darcy has been called to serve the Brainerd Lakes area as a Holistic Health Practitioner. Through her practice she realized that emotional and spiritual imbalances often show up physically in our bodies and if we want to heal, we need to address more than just the physical symptoms.  Through the use of relaxation techniques combined with a powerful coaching process she uses the innate wisdom of the body to shift and change your life.  Darcy holds space for women to be heard, to reconnect with themselves and to discover how they truly want to feel.  She strives to empower women to honor and love the magnificent beings they were created to be which creates opportunity for deep healing on a soul level. 
In her "off" time she serves as co-CEO of the Walkowiak family alongside her husband of 24 years. She savors time with her two teenage sons, snuggles with her pug Oliver and enjoys comic relief via her basset hound Rosie. Darcy is always up for an adventure and she can often be found traveling in the family RV.

Darcy Walkowiak
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