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Spiritual Direction

In our culture, our lives often feel very rushed and busy.  We need help to slow down, to quiet the noise and to listen.  Spiritual Direction allows us to tune in to what's going on within and listen more deeply.  It helps us gain clarity about what may be challenging us, how we are growing, our connections with others, and our joys and desires. 


Spiritual Direction can be helpful at any time of life but especially during major life transitions, while navigating grief/loss, times where you are discerning what's next, times when you desire to explore your spiritual life, when you are longing for a deeper connection to the Divine, or simply wanting to share the story of your journey with someone.


 Spiritual Direction is not therapy or pastoral counseling.  The intention is not to “fix” a particular problem. Spiritual direction and therapy can feel similar, but they are two different relationships. Therapy treats concerns of mental and relational health, Spiritual Direction, focuses on a person’s inner life and relationship to the sacred. Spiritual Direction complements and supports therapeutic work, but does not replace it. Spiritual Directors practice in alignment with the Guidelines for Ethical Conduct, published by Spiritual Directors International. We also participate in regular peer supervision as well as meet with our own spiritual director for accountability and growth.

Sessions are approximately 1 hour and can be done in person or via Zoom. The current rate is $75 per session. Accessibility to Spiritual Direction is important so if that feels out of reach, let’s work to find a rate that is feasible and sustainable in your specific circumstances. Schedule a Discovery call to so you can meet Darcy and learn more about Spiritual Direction.

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