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Head Massage

Holistic Healing Session

This is the ultimate session for those who value their health and are seeking ways to balance life’s stresses and achieve wellness. We will create a customized plan for this session to best meet your needs. You may choose to incorporate massage therapy, healing touch and other relaxation techniques to incorporate more of a holistic approach to the session. This will help you get to the root of your stress and pain which will leave feeling more energized, restored and balanced.

Call today to schedule your customized session. (218) 820-1722

60 minute Holistic Healing Session - $85

90 minute Holistic Healing Session - $115

120 minute Holistic Healing Session - $155

Check out what clients are saying.

Having “issues with your tissues”?  Surrendering to Darcy’s healing touch may be just the therapy that your body needs! As you open-up your physical body to receive this massage therapy, unveil your mind and heart, too. Amazing things can happen.  During the time you’re on Darcy’s table, it’s all about YOU.  Darcy is professional, inspired, self-less, and connected.  She operates from a deeply-rooted holistic wellness philosophy and is a practitioner who senses and responds to your present needs.

Sandra Kaplan

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